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  • Image of Bath Soaks 6oz
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Bath Soaks 6oz

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Chamomile Ginger Bath Soak 🛁 Helps- ease aches and pains, Banish menstrual cramps, soothe joint pain, comfort and reduce the painful swelling of hemorrhoids, & calm skin irritations.

Lavender Bath Soak- Excellent for aching muscles, relaxation & stress relief.

GREEN TEA DETOX BATH SOAK 🍵🛁 Green Tea is a fantastic antioxidant and natural antiseptic. The natural antioxidants help remove toxins from your body. It can help restore balance and soothe irritated skin. Green tea also has natural antioxidants, which help in detoxing your body from toxins while -----------Eucalyptus is refreshing and soothing to sore, tired muscles. It also promotes clear breathing and helps lessen tension and mental exhaustion, thus making it very rejuvinating.
This is one of my favorite products always leaves my mind refresh 😊